svētdiena, 2009. gada 11. janvāris


Doors and doors to go,
Not knowing friend or foe,
Corridors and stairwells to walk,
And so many people to stalk,
Windows and windows to watch and stare,
Stare unaware of the despair around us,

This place hidden so deep,
Deep, deep while you are asleep,
It is the mere dream you can't take away,
The place where you wan't to stay,

The exit is closed and you are late,
So now accept your fate,
You are stuck to never be free,
Even after forever the light you won't see,
And someone... will watch you here,
Staying far, staying near,
Until it will be too much to bare,
And you... Have nothing left,
Just quietly await your death,
No hero beside you...
No friends near you...
You are lost and gone,
Just like this one dream,
The one you saw,
And left behind.

"Dare myself"

The forgotten book.

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