svētdiena, 2009. gada 11. janvāris

Each day.

Each day I turn the page,
And each day I write my rage,
I follow the system like a mindless drone,
And angry, upset return to my home,
I do the routine each living day,
Whatever the month: august or may,
But each day I have something to say,
I want to reach the suns ray,
Each day I want to be loved and adored,
But each day I get ironic and bored,
I want to start the quest for power,
I want to be see the top of the tower,
But my visions are just distant screams,
All sealed up in my chest of dreams,
Everything I made and invented,
Was utterly destroyed or prevented,
But by all my means,
I saw my queen,
And now each day I am free,
I am free to see reality,
In the realm of sanity,
Already forgot about chastity,
I am now a book for others,
And I'll be the cure for my brothers,
When times and days pushed me to the ground,
You were always around,
And I have reached the top of the tower,
Because experience is power!
Now each day I indeed
Will help a friend in need!

"The ripple and the wave."

The forgotten book.

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