svētdiena, 2009. gada 11. janvāris

Anonymous Loveletter

It's yet another cold snowy day,
Nothing special it's just like yesterday,
And I bet tomorrow's gonna be the same,
But I am not sad!
I am happy that I can still see you!

Hey, girl from the higher grade,
Why dont you call my name,
I'll be everything you will need,
Atleast I will try 'n' see,

I would be your train riding,
If you just would put down your tracks,
I would be your airplane flying,
If you would bring your blue sky back,

Hey, girl from the higher race!
Why dont you shout my name?
I would be right before your face,
And never loosing any trace...

Peel my skin,
Touch my bone,
Do you feel the heartbeat?
Do you feel the pulse?
It works for you,
And hell I know what I'll do,

Hey, girl from the stars above,
Why don't you cry my name!
In tears of of hapiness and trust,
And then we could never rest,
And be apart no more!

Hey, girl from the town over there,
I wish you were here...

"Dare myself"

The forgotten book.

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