otrdiena, 2009. gada 21. aprīlis

Summer dreams.

It's the time year that I love the most,
Where people are hosts and the love one's boast,
But I'm there and I stare, I share the whole "happiness",
Because I'm down on the ground filling my emptiness.

Then why I'm crowding up my mind,
And why my friends are always right,
And will I get you in the end?
Or will I crawl away and die!

The sun is hot like the gunshot,
The seas run loud and push the clouds,
Blood runs fast It breaks the stream,
And forces the mind to think up dreams,
But it's not fair, unfair, not true,
To sacrifice to the goddess in blue!

Is it true what others say?
Are you stealing my moon ray,
I don't mind to give it all,
But I sure wish that we could fall...

So just feel it, dream it,
No one can be defeated,
It's a small price to pay,
Just to live through every day!

I feel you standing near me,
I feel you dreaming about me,
I can't feel your love against me,
I can't feel your love against me!

But no one can make me feel so true,
And no one van make me feel like you,
So whats it's gonna be?
Is there something about thee?
Or something about me...

And the breeze it wakes me up,
The dream is gone and I'm all alone,
The time it takes it all away,
And celebrates in it's own wretched way,
Each step, each fall it will be over after all!

"Each floors locked doors."

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