otrdiena, 2009. gada 28. aprīlis


I find you on your knees,
You give me a knife and say "Kill me please!"
I take it stiffly in my arm,
But I don't want to do you harm,
Because deep in my heart,
Lies love for you hidden apart,
"Do it!" you shout "Be a man!",
"No!" I won't but I can.

My knees feel weak,
My eyes they tweak,
I am just standing in silence,
Planning and scheming a little violence,
With deep cold eyes I grab, myself I stab,
I stab and stab at last I fall,
My blood it runs and covers all.

You scream stand up and run to me,
Only so close to hold me and see,
My words, my face becoming bleak,
My power my arms becoming weak,
"Why, why you?",
"Because my feelings for you are true!"
And I close my eyes, but I still get to see,
Your tear touching my face in misery,
And your face...Ah....
It won't leave me with a trace!

But you of course you will save my life,
Carry me all the way, pull out the knife,
But why can't you understand,
I am at your hand!
I don't see you between devastation,
I see in you my salvation,
How can you live in restriction?
How can you survive even this condition...
I thought death is going out with a blast!
But alas it is a fools way to hide the past,
But I shall remember the tear from you,
And I shall drop one for you too...
Because I love you!!!
I really do!

"Each floors, locked doors."

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