otrdiena, 2010. gada 16. novembris

Upward and onward.

I Want to trust in love once again,
So I believe that it brings less pain,
Try It again, this time not in vain,
Give me your heart, If my trust you would gain,
Feeling so hollow, like crushed by a train,
Moving on and on, it's getting mad,
Well I'm still walking, still breathing - I feel so bad,
Same fated people make me even more sad,
Gone is the sun that gave me It's rays,
For us it was better if we went separate ways,
The moon comes and goes, but the night stays,
Wandering in darkness, the sadness it came,
Had a hard time, thought nothing would be the same,
But now I'm returning here to remain,
As closer I come the light shines so bright,
Raising my head, It's time to set things right,
Now I feel like a bird achieving flight,
Feel happy, I'm smiling my skies seem so clear,
Waiting for you, in my life to appear,
Your heart I promise to hold close to me, dear,
I'll stand next to you in times of cheer or the deepest fear...

"Second Wind"

The Forgotten Book, Chapter VI

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