ceturtdiena, 2011. gada 7. aprīlis

Soul Shout.

The reality of life has hit me hard,
Driven a sharp shard near my loving heart,
As nature forces me to move - It tears me apart,
Staying in balance is an impossible art,
One part of me screams,
Study, learn more, fulfill your dreams,
The other shouts - work, pay for your own schemes,
But all I want is to love my girl... It is easy, so it seems,
I worry a lot i feel my life is in shatters,
My friends are in disarray - our clan in tatters,
Why does nothing about unity even matters,
Alas I still see the light, and me  - It flatters,
Hard times are coming: the skies,the earth, the trees - they sing,
That this life only suffering, death and disappointment will bring,
But I, my friends and the people around,
Live, Live proud - their legs stand firmly on the ground,
So with an open mind, and hope in my hand,
With love in my heart, still strong I stand,
Will I last or break at last,
Anyway It will be fast and soon enough - a thing of the past...

Like all of us - Gone.

Arnold "Wanderer" Grava

The Forgotten Book, Chapter VI "Second Wind"

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