ceturtdiena, 2009. gada 5. februāris

Decisions, decisions...

And the head goes around and around,
I no longer stand my ground,
With all of those girls locked in your heart so deep,
I lose my time to cleary think,getting robed of my sleep,
And now suddenly without any precision,
I am forced to made a decision, decision,
To choose the holding hand times easy or hard,
Be my love my winning card.

But what if I play it shy?
Stand, break down, deny...
It is the common fear of refusal,
That feels like your own hearts betrayal,
You all may laugh about me how much do you like,
But it will be me who will make the final strike,
The day of the hearts is not far away,
Decisions, decisions stand in my way,
That wretched day is like a stuck shard,
If it werent for you two it wouldn't be so hard,
But spilling the truth that stands behind,
Everyone will keep it hidden inside,
But decisions, decisions,
Fallen on me,
The hardest ones I'll ever see,
It tearing me side by side,
Fueling the fire that burns inside,
Join its one wild ride,
Because only we will decide,
Bless my soul if I decide wrong,
To keep um my guard to stay strong,

Decisions, decisions...

"Dare myself."

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