ceturtdiena, 2009. gada 12. marts


A mere mortal living in the dark,
Walking, prowling leaving a mark,
Leaving it deep in your heart,
Then slowly picking it apart part by part,
Oh, your love makes him proud,
But he wont ever leave his cloud,

He's just a mere mortal,
Brought in by a flesh portal,
He won't make the first step in any way,
He knows he's gonna lose you anyway,
Sooner or later one day,

But the life continues,
He lives and he observes the given chance,
Hides his thoughts in forms of dance,
A bad decision maker,
Make a worse heartfelt lover,
His lifeline will end, cut short and fatal,
Because he is a mere mortal,

Oh he wont touch your hair,
Or get into your way,
He doesn't want to deserve you,
Because he's a mortal,
And you deserve more trust me!

He climbs too high up,
Just to fall hard down,
So read it and think about him a little,
Can he be the one?
Or your love for him will be undone,
He is different...
And he is only a one thing to sing,
He is a mortal a worthless thing,

So go now and be free,
Leave now and you will see,
Forget about him, throw it out of your mind,
He will only be a obstacle of the heaviest kind,
Go were the sun rises in the park,
And leave the mortal in his dark,
A fitting end for a mortal,
Leaving this world through the same portal...

And as I read what I've just wrote,
I really do see,
This mortal deep in me...

"Dare myself"

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