sestdiena, 2009. gada 23. maijs

No more yesterday.

No more yesterday I say,
Because someone got cought in my way,
And I felt revived once again,
To love with child eye strain,

All I want is you now,
To feel,
To see,
To hold,
And hear those three words in my ear,
I - Love - you!

Yesterday fades away like a bad dream,
Takes away all the anger and the lie stream,
I am new and reborn because of you,
Everything has become totally diferent,
From the gods you have been sent,
To give me a yet another chance,
For you to hold the stance,
NO matter the cost,
Even If get lost in the sea once more,
Thanks to you I'll find the shore,

I can't wait hear your voice,
And to be your best choice,
Of forgetting the bitter yesterday,
To love another day,
To find the beggining of it all,
And for you my love I will fall...

It feels so true,
That I'm in love with you,
With one sweep you took my sight,
And pointed it against the light,
And now the sea of emotions,
Deep in me,
Has broken free,

No more yesterday of sorrow!
We together await tomorrow,
I am ready to lead you,
The same way you would do,

Please my Kitty come and stay...

Arnold Acanthus Grava.
"A new era."

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