otrdiena, 2009. gada 14. jūlijs


You live life, your given days,
In meaningless ways,
Wasting your heart and time,
On thugs and grime,

Why don't you look up for once?
And see him moving your suns?
You don't think about him,
Because you think hes dim,
But you, but you!
But you just dont want to...

Open your eyes and realize the chance you had with him!

Like a queen on a broken throne,
You scream every time a tone,
Regret is the one who kills,
The love that brings such thrills,

In your fear and haste you forgot to hide the truth.
About yourself..

This won't get you far, just make you fall!

Noone will bring you joy - aslong you use them as a toy!

Here we stand on a brink of losing our trust

I was so into you,but I could see,
that you chose him over me,
As a man on his feet,
I can survive defeat,
To live another day,
And not go this way,

My lonely song continues anew,
Now I drink cheap brew,
I atleast remeber the time,
When you were not into grime,

I turn the page on you,
Rip it out as you do!
Burn it!
And send it back to the fire of hate!
That made you regret this late,
I know it doesn't hurt much,
When your life is made on such,
Mistakes and outtakes...

"A new era"

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