piektdiena, 2009. gada 28. augusts

Be happy.

Im a lone, locked heart,
I lost my keys,
Im broken down,
Struck by disease,
From this part it can't get any worse,
But I heard about our divorce,
I could be sad and broken,
But I'm happy!

As the saying goes about the sea,
And all those fishes waiting for me,
I have the tools to catch them fast,
But I know it wont last,
I could be sad and broken,
But I'm happy!

Love your girl as much as you can,
Cause one day you'll loose the stand,
You will promise much,
But compete such,
It will be a waste of you
So don't be sad and broken, be happy!

Even at night,
Where the fiends creep,
These thoughts come and haunt my sleep,
All my friends in love such deep,
Im left out on the lonely shore,
Kicking the sand, riping the lore,
I could be sad and broken, but I'm happy

As time goes on,
And I stay
Now I smile, remember the day,
Remerber the chances, all this way,
Jealousy brings the beast in me,
But when I'm sad I think of thee,
I could be sad and broken,
But I'm happy.

Held her hand, held her tight,
She was a bird of free flight,
She took in the night sky,
But I had no reason to die,
Im happy...

Arnold Grava
"A new era"

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