pirmdiena, 2009. gada 2. novembris


Silent wishes based on the deepest dreams,
Nothing in this world is easy it seems,
No love is left in the world of seas,
People are a plague, a disgusting disease,
I have lost my place in the world of my song,
There is no more place where I belong,
Everything is so distorted and wrong,
I listen to myself I sound like lies,
My arms all in blood and selfish cries,
I look into the mirror, deep into my eyes,
Silently I say "Where the truth lies?"
It's gone taken from me away untill I grow old,
One day I will wake up in the cold all alone,
All my friends will look away,
Go to a more happier way,
I will stay in my cursed world,
I dont need your damn words!!!
Of Wisdom
Of Help
Of love!
Because Love is dead to me,
Teared a scar and left,
Went away while I comfortly slept,
Yes a prince in exile far far away,
Wants a place to stay,
He won't he has seen your eyes,
He won't he doesn't need your lies
As the prince I go alone,
Will be your "Selfish" "Rude" rogue,
Enjoy the life without me,
Because my clanmates ARE all better than me,
You don't need my depressing presence,
I shall live now in my own silence...

Why have you forsaken me so?
Arnold Acanthus Grava
"A new Era"

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