otrdiena, 2009. gada 3. novembris

The many faces of deceiver.

Here is a touching story written in haste,
Come closer for a taste,
Become a receiver,
Enjoy the many faces of Deceiver!

There is joy and love burried somewhere under,
The mountains of sorrow and regretful hate blazing with thunder,
The deeper you go the more you know,
Just hope you won't get lost in the snow,
Across these lands streches many hands,
Betrayers, soulless liars and selfish demands,
Turn this hell upside down,
And I promise to surrrender my crown,

There and then luck shines,
And understanding of life fills the shrines,
But most the time it's covered un fog,
Or clouded dark full of smog,
Just hope these lands will never freeze,
And everything put on it's knees,
There must be war, atleast a shot!
With only one simple plot,
Destroy this darkness with one chance,
And set order of balance,
There shall be seas of blood, trails of tears,
Unleashing all around the deepest fears,
Pick up the gun light the flare,

Arnold Acanthus Grava

"A new era"

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