ceturtdiena, 2010. gada 29. aprīlis


He talks to the stars,
About his wants, his deepest scars,
He talks to the rivers,
About his thrilling shivers,
And they appear to listen...

He takes a moment to quiet his voice,

"I love you!" he whispers and the rivers run forever,
Remembers all tho times spent together,
He is in one of his deepest dreams,
Nothing can't wake him up it seems,
A king, a prince, a peasant or a fool,
He is proud that he is no longer a dull tool,
All the wonders of the world he has not yet seen,
He has one... his queen.

"I miss you!" he whispers to the trees,
And they gently wave dodging the winds playful breeze,
Why tomorrow is always so far away?
When I need you here with me to betray,
This given life to us, to work and slave, and in the end die,
How I wish and whisper to the stars, to give us wings so we can fly,
Together in the moonlit night sky...

Just you and me, no one else...

Arnold Svensgaard Grava

"Love:Courage to Question."

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