ceturtdiena, 2010. gada 19. augusts

The Red rose.

How can the flower of love be with horns,
The Rose guarded by a million thorns,
Is the key to it's beauty to rip them out?
Or let them pierce your fingers and suffer doubt,
It is just like love when you feel in your fingers,
As the rose kisses you with it's stingers,
You can turn it up or down, right or left, wide or thin,
But it still finds a way to kiss your sweet skin,
One time for two,
The second for you,
And the third for you to see,
What you mean to me!
I swear I would grab the rose as hard as I could,
Even if it hurt and bled, I would!
I just do not want to ever let you go,
Because the feeling I get when I am with you,
Surpasses the rose in any way known,
And I can't wait no longer,
Every second my longing grows stronger,
I want to feel your warm lips,
I want to feel my hands on your hips,
Touching your hair with my fingertips...

Arnold "Svensgaard" Grava

"Love : Courage to Question"

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