trešdiena, 2010. gada 3. novembris

A Simple Obsession.

Loneliness crawls slowly in,
The feeling of pain, bursts in flames within,
Eleven months of being in love,
And now these feelings are starting to decay,
Deeper and viler they now display,

Were are the arms that hugged,
Were are the eyes that loved,
Were are the lips I kissed and they smiled,
They are all gone I feel denied,

Spent few days drinking whiskey and wine,
More of them I spent thinking that you would be mine,
The more I thought, the more it hurt,
The stronger I smashed myself in the dirt,

The next gray, lonely day started,
Sweet memories of you haunted,
I try not to think, I try to escape, find a brand new way,
But from my deepest dream I will never get away,
Why did you break It, Destroyed it in one day,
For me It was love, for you a simple obsession,
And now I curse you to suffer your decision!

Your hair I loved to touch so much,
Your body that I adored so much,
A female being so beautiful and pure,
I vowed to love you until I would be no more...
I was too careless, too foolish and dumb,
And that is why now I feel so cold, so numb,
Think by yourself do you love me in chatters,
You made the mistake, you closed the chapters!

I bid you farewell, you have so much to learn,
And I hope that one day you will return,
But take good care of your freedom, love and life is a painful heartburn...

"Love : Courage to Question"

Arnold "Wanderer" Grava

The Forgotten book, Chapter - V

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