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It works.

What the hell is wrong with the world today,
Why does the power of the people sleeps,
We are being robbed of things we dear,
What is the matter with the human race,
Do we really have nothing to say?

Large rich countries making fun of the little ones,
Taking every penny, stealing fathers and sons,
Does not matter on what seasons,
They make wars with no reasons,
But hell, it works!

They spy on your country - they watch what you do,
Then they plan their violent decent over you,
Make a stupid offence - they pull it out of the blue,
Then come with their largest tanks and grind you up to stew,

Destroy your houses, slay your men,
Rip off their blouses, rape your women,
Corrupt the young, steal your children,
Erradicate your culture, with knives and forks,
But hell, for them - It works!

Give medals with shining stars,
To young boy soldiers with no battle scars,
Say what you want to them - they are all lies,
The job is done you wont silence their cries.

Ha ha ha, the great powers laugh,
They think that we are weak,
But when will we stand,
Form a better, righteous band,
Work together closely like natures ants,
And spill the wretched blood of all world tyrants!

It is sad to say that for freedom blood must be spilled,
One day I'm certain we will unite and be thrilled,
We'll sing songs about our fights, and our battle roars,
Because we shoved those tyrants out our front doors,
We will be finishes with corrupt crooks ramming through laws.

Arnold "Wanderer" Grava

"Second Wind"
The Forgotten Book, Chapter VI

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