svētdiena, 2009. gada 11. janvāris


I once had a heart, 
Now it is torn apart, 
Torn by ones lost trust, 
Torn by memories covered in dust, 
Just like my heart, 
I had a start, 
In the first place, 
Im just a face, 
Just a face in the human race, 
All my life I was a fool, 
All my life I was a tool, 
Now I'm gone you see me no more, 
I have left this endless shore.. 

But I am not gone... 

I walk in the hands of time, 
Singing my forgotten rhyme, 
My heart was once young and fresh, 
Just like my bone and flesh, 
I had a dare to take, 
And I't was my biggest mistake, 
I stared death and love in the eye, 
And yet I choosed to die... 

But I am still here... 

Take my pen... And write, 
A song about demons in the night, 
About spirits in the light, 
Some things in life never feel right, 
But where is the start? 
It's in ones heart... 
We all have strong demands, 
We all take our last stands, 
But covered in dust, 
Or eaten away by rust, 
Is not the the story of my heart, 
Who had it's own start, 
One day I promise it will end, 
But my true form will only bend... 

"The ripple and the wave."

The forgotten book.

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