svētdiena, 2009. gada 11. janvāris

Heaven and hell!

In heaven and hell,
I ring the bells,
I guard the gates,
Where hell awaits,
From heavens ark,
To hells park,
Is one step,
One leap,
Into the scrapheap.

You are heaven,
Heaven is free,
Heaven is where,
I want to be,
Away from pain,
Away from vain,
Away from nothing,
Nothing to gain.

Hell is me,
My anger spree,
I lurk between the dark,
In hells park,
I'm lost without your light,
Like a bird without wings and flight,
With every day I drown deeper...
But I want to see your face,
I want to gain your grace,
But, alas my life is over,
I will live like a loner,

Maybe some day,
You'll see,
This happiness in me,
Is just a mask,
to hide my past,
And you'll see,
You will cry,
Just because you let me by...

"The ripple and the wave"

The forgotten book.

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