svētdiena, 2009. gada 11. janvāris


As times and days become unbearable and colder,
I feel that we and our friends are getting older,
As our own feeble lives become ill and bleak,
Our will to live, to love to even survive becomes weak!

But how?

Do you hear the leaders strong voice?
That just makes you to make the right choice?
Well you don't, because it's no more!
It's gone far away in one little roar!

But wait!

There is no use to lie around broken,
Nothing in this world an realm is spoken,
We all must stand up, stand together,
And prove to all fools that we are better!

We are always far away in fears,
But we have to stop our tears,
There is always a friend who needs your voice,
Your strong voice to force him the choice!

"The ripple and the wave."

The forgotten book.

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