svētdiena, 2009. gada 11. janvāris

Relations. (I and you)

From where did you come from? 
And where did you go, 
There had to be a mystic ring, 
With a poisonous sting, 
That blinded my eye, 
And when you were gone - made me cry... 

I regret not saying my true feelings for you, 
I regret so hard, so hard that I let you go! 
I want you back in my arms... 
Were was the mistake I did not see! 
I am so truly lost in my sea... 

Time past so fast away! 
Stealing my heart each day, 
Now I feel nothing... For you. 

You are the one that turned me to stone, 
You were the one who cracked my bone, 
Now I sit silence called home, 
I live and I live, I live alone... 

I do not just sit and wait my hour! 
I search for answers sweet or sour, 
I watch relations between female and male, 
And make discoveries on a small scale, 
Were male quests for glory and power, 
There female seeks beauty just like a flower... 
But why we will never be as one, 
That is the question that won't be long done! 

As I look over my shoulder, 
I see you again! But only older, 
There in no end without a start!, 
But only you have the key to my heart! 
Don't be shy! And I will follow, 
Than nor me nor you will know sorrow! 

But ofcourse the air will be silent, 
And we will stand vicious and violent, 
And now for eons to come I will seek, 
Seek blinded in darkness, 
For my queen, my mistress... 

"Dare myself."

The forgotten book.

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