svētdiena, 2009. gada 11. janvāris

The room

Silence fills the room,
No doors, no windows,
Nothing but black widows,
No corners, no stairs,
Only two old chairs,
It's quiet in here,
Best place for fear!

It's two chairs,
Two dares,
We sit on them,
All our time,
No life, no crime
We are alone...

The light shines bright,
It shows our fright,
Hold tight,
This is getting better,
Just like reading a love letter...

Suddenly the room goes dark,
Sounds and figures seen in sparks,
The room seems full of monsters and ghouls,

Seems filled with other faceless fools,
The end is at stake,
It keeps us awake...

The room is a chest,
With only one test,
Are we good enough to judge others?
If we lose the ones we call brothers?
Hide in shame,
Because you have no name.

"The ripple and the wave."

The forgotten book.

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